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I agree with all of the above, but Nysnc won't make it until the new Kids get in first so the chances are slim.

Here are the ones who will make it in.

Sonic Youth
Janes Addiction
Cheap Trick
Peter Gabriel
Iggy Pop/Stooges
Judas Priest
Motley Crue
The Specials
Sly and the Family Stone

Might make/Should make it it in but it's questionable
The Replacements
The Cramps
The Pogues
Iron Maiden
Social Distortion
The Minuteman
Stray Cats
Tom Waits

Wife O' Bob

I am surprised by the original list you've posted because it actually contains some bands that I love. Unfortunately, I have to idea what the qualifications are and who votes...but here goes:

*The Cars - much to Bob's dismay, I don't like them but they may get in.
*Soundgarden - don't like them and doubt they'll get in.
*Depeche Mode - like them but doubt they'll get in.
*The Cure - love them but doubt they'll get in.
*The Smiths - love them and think they may get in.
*Pearl Jam - like them and will probably get in.
*Red Hot Chili Peppers - don't really like them but everyone else seems to so they may get in.
*'N Sync (or Backstreet Boys or whoever)- if there is a higher being watching over us, then none of these bands will get in. EVER. PERIOD.
*Public Enemy - not a fan, not familar with their music so I won't comment.
*NWA - not a fan, not familar with their music so I won't comment.
*Beastie Boys - not a fan and not sure what all the fuss is, not sure if they'll get in.
*Chic - not a fan, so no comment.
*Duran Duran - DD was my life when I was in my teens. Obviously I would like them to get in, but I doubt it.
*REM - they'll get in.
*RUN-DMC - not really a fan, but they might get in.
*Lynyrd Skynyrd - I can't stand this band, hope they don't get in.
Black Sabbath - ditto.
Kiss - Don't know much except for the hits. Don't know if they'll get in.


I should point out that I'm not necessarily advocating the induction of all the bands on my list. Those are just some names that I came up with off the top of my sleep-deprived head.

Of all of djhlights' list above, "Sly and the Family Stone" surprises me most -- I would've thought they were already in.

pointy stick

I'll agree with Wife O' Bob on all the new wave/british stuff, and mostly everything else.

Those from the Seattle era need to chill out. Even though you "may have been listening to them first, way back when they were underground, like, in the late eighties", that doesn't mean they deserve to get in. Pearl Jam et al should not be allowed in at least until Cobain's been dead 15 years. In fact, I think whatever amount of years they're basing the initial qualification on should be increased incrementally every few years, because I think that people tend to think that 3 years after the flavor-of-the-month isn't popular, they deserve some recognition.

I also have some reservations about inducting really niche groups or smaller non-mainstream bands. Yes, they MAY have influenced the greater acts, or (re)created an entire genre, but I don't think the likes of Fugazi, Operation Ivy, Stiff Little Fingers, and The Specials should be inducted. That gives another city a good reason to build their own Hall of Fame, anyway, and just think of all the other less-popular bands that could get some recognition.

Or we could all just remember that the Hall of Fame really means nothing anyway. It's just a title, just like "Rookie of the Year" or "Team MVP."


pointy stick -

You have to been a band for 25 years in order to be eligible for the hall.

Also it will be 11 years in April when Kurt blew his brains out.

I screwed up. Sly is in. Sadly, I think Mellencamp will get in as well.

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